• 15 Pearl Street
  • Essex Junction, VT

Do you ever feel like you're running all week long but when Friday arrives you haven't accomplished even half of your to-do list...and you're not exactly sure what it is you did all week?

I'm Lisa Danforth and having successfully grown and run multiple businesses, I know how to help you prioritize what you need to do to grow and run yours without the overwhelm.

In this Half Day workshop you'll discover exactly how to run your day, get the right stuff done and be completely unapologetic about it while doing it!

Here's what you'll discover and what we'll be doing: 

• Create a vision of the lifestyle business you want; not the one you think you're supposed to have, but the one that's perfect for YOU

• Establish achievable and realisitic goals that will help you move your business forward

• The simple formula to structuring your day so that you'll never be able to use procrastination as an excuse again

• How to get out of the day-to-day chaos that's causing you to not get anything done and focus on the tasks you need to do to have the business AND lifestyle you want